eCulletís automated and proprietary technology was developed to remove contaminants and color sort broken glass from the single-stream collection process. While single stream recycling is effective in increasing glass recycling rates and reducing the cost of collection, it creates broken glass mixed with other MRF residue which makes hand sorting of glass a thing of the past.  By leveraging our proprietary technology we seamlessly and efficiently remove contaminants and produce high quality furnace ready cullet for use by glass container manufacturrers.


The technology is based on a non-intrusive optical sorting of glass cullet.  Our production lines pre-process post-consumer in-feed material from MRFs, which is then fed into the sorting process to color sort and remove contaminants including ceramics; porcelain and stone to produce furnace ready cullet.


Our patented system architecture allows us to ensure the delivery of high quality cullet with optimum yield recovery. The design approach and modularity of eCullet's system configuration ensures reliability; a user friendly interface; remote operation, diagnostic and monitoring; and ease of maintenance. This enables eCulletís technology to deliver high quality furnace ready cullet to the glass industry and to be scalable to handle increasing production requirements. 

Best In Class Technology
    • All in one four-way color sorter
    • Compact footprint design
    • Parallel line configuration for flexible line throughput scalability
    • Durability and user friendly interface

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The Enabling Technology


eCullet Sorter

eCullet's sorter line design approach and modular system configuration ensures scalability, quality redundancy, reliability, a user-friendly interface, remote operational control, diagnostics and monitoring and ease of maintenance.